Health sciences linguist in Cape Town

As a health sciences linguist, I provide editing, cross-cultural adaptation, localization and translation of health sciences material in the subject areas of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. In my capacity as a clinical psychologist in private practice, I provide clinician review of patient-facing materials.

I offer linguistic validation consultancy and project management services to international linguistics agencies for the development of patient-reported outcomes (PRO) and clinician-reported outcomes (CLINPRO) material used in clinical trials. The scope of this work includes, linguist recruitment, coordination of forward and backward translation, patient recruitment and cognitive debriefing, cognitive debriefing review, implementation of clinician and author review, and final editing and translation decisions.

Document types with which I work also include informed consent forms, patient information sheets, clinical trial marketing material, other clinical trial documen-tation, device usage instructions, psychometric rating scales, and patient medical records.

I am fully Afrikaans-English bilingual and translate in both directions between Afrikaans and American, British and South African English.

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